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Welcome to Swindon Fitness , This site is for hire. Please email for more details at markhewington@yahoo.co.uk

Welcome to Swindon Fitness , This site is for hire.

Swindon Fitness Directory

At Swindon fitness my goal is to bring all fitness professionals together, to showcase gyms and personal trainers and any other like-minded fitness related businesses.

By bringing us all together and sharing our stories and goals and helping the commute become fit this will only benefit us all.

I am offering free link backs for a period of time to get the ball rolling, so if you’re a Swindon gym owner or personal trainer in Swindon please contact me via my contact form for a free listing but I will expect a link back in return.

Fitness can reduce your risk of major illnesses, such as, diabetes, stroke, and heart disease.

Exercise is free and has immediate effects, fitness dose not only make you feel great but also can help you’re mental state to.

By hiring a personal trainer or going to a gym is a statement, saying to yourself I want to become fit, or I want to lose weight, or I want look great for that family reunion.

I personally have found going to a gym has always helped me lose weight fast and keep off the pounds / stones, add a personal trainer into the mix will only help you achieve the impossible made possible.

Swindon Fitness helping the committee

By all of us coming together and advertising what Swindon fitness events are up and coming. Will not only help your business find new clients but will help your committee find fitness events in one easy place.

Exercise is not enough

Exercise is great and it will help you immensely, but exercise is not enough.

I will also be putting up free healthy food recipes and asking you all to share your best healthy recipes for weight loss or to help gain muscle naturally.

Anybody who has dieted for long time or regularly knows we love cheat meal, I would also love you all to tell us healthy and great places to eat in Swindon, to help us all keep healthy on our cheat meal.